We didn't want to do this.

Bill, you know we didn't want to do this, but you left us no choice:

Embrace the vaudevillian within and join us. JOIN US!


Anonymous said...

That is obviously someone you demons from **H-E double toothpicks** hired to impersonate me for your own sick needs and those of your mentally retarded, drunken "audience." And he doesn't look anything like me. Besides, I was in the Hospital recovering from cataract surgery at that time. And another thing, my daughter is a missionary in Africa converting heathen savages to the way of The Lord and I haven't seen her in over five years.
I think you must be some kind of brainwashed cult over there. And everyone is in on some big joke. The only joke is the one you are playing on yourselves. Well, I'm not falling for it. You have to get up pretty early to fool me. And I am sure you poisonous zombies haven't seen the light of day in years anyway! You are the children of the Devil. You can hire all the dopplegangers you want, but The Lord is on my side. A Pox on you.
Bill Wood, Your Neighbor

The Empire Revue said...

Oh Bill. It's not hell that's making us hot. Your passion is remarkable. Don't go changin', tiger. See you soon. . .