Another great night under the lights

The show at Perishable last night was like Jem-- Truly OUTRAGEOUS.
Hotter than hell and packed to the gills, but a JAM-packed evening of non-stop entertainment for one and all. Our own Richard Goulis described the night like this:

Vomit and wigs
pasties and tights
Another great night
under the lights

Brownies and Ben
Velma or Verna
Uncle Dave birthed
and got a hernia

The Band played on
The crowd went "Harooo!"
An Historic event
Our Empire Revue.

And oh dear. . . we had to spoof our friends the hipsters. We love you guys, it's just that hipster is the new comedy, and we had to go there. Until we nail down that footage of our sketch for your perusal, we're hoping this flippin' SYMPOSIUM on hipsterness we just found on You Tube will satisfy your thirst:

And you know what's REALLY hilarious, is that a few of the panelists actually think hipster is a new concept, born in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg.

Have they not heard of Straight From the Fridge, Dad: a Dictionary of Hipster Slang? This invaluable dictionary was written/compiled by Max Decharne in the year 2000-- and consists of more than seventy years worth of righteous words and phrases complete with handy examples of the said word or phrase in a hip and happenin' sentence from old crime novels and beatnik text. You can't go wrong. Why talk when you can beat your chops? Here are a few words, along with a useful, Sparkling Beatnik sentence to get you started:

Slush Pump
= trombone: "Check out Pam as she wails on her slush pump!"

Build me a drink= mix me a coctail: "Don't just stand there! Build me a drink!"

Fracture your toupee = Go crazy: "Hey, pipe down, fella. You don't wanna fracture your toupee."

Well, gotta go play my groan box. I mean, my accordion. Go on now, you cheeky people.

See you on AUGUST 3rd @ AS220!

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