We NOW have PROOF!


Bill Wood, with his holier than thou antics, heckling our wonderful little show whenever the devil makes him do it. . .

Well sir, we now have PROOF that you, Mr. Bill, removed your clothing on our stage! That's YOU with guest Beatnik and burlesque artist Betty Sioux Tailor! The jig is up, man! What say you, scoundrel?? Is that an unabridged, pocket version of the New Testament in your gold hot pants, or are you just glad to see us? Please answer this query, you so and so.

The Sparkling Beatniks

Post Script: We blurred your true identity in an effort to
preserve a sliver of your anonymity, you sexy beast. . .


Anonymous said...

THAT IS NOT ME!!! THAT IS NOT ME!!! If you are trying to discredit me, go right ahead. I would expect something more from you filthy heathens than poorly doctored photographs. Any idiot can see that you glued my head on the body of one of your children of the Devil you have running around down there at the ASS20. Even though my memory of that night is a little spotty because of my bump on the head I received after my cataract surgery, you can't fool me and you can't fool The Lord. In your dreams, you miscreants, IN YOUR DREAMS!!! HA! You can't touch me. I have evidence of my own!!! You'll see...

Anonymous said...

...And another thing, I will be back for your next show on August the 3rd and the show after that, and the show after that until I stop you once and for all.
Bill Wood, Your neighbor

The Empire Revue said...

Oh, come off it, Bill, you remember everything from the evening in question. Just in case you need a hint of the blow by blow, check out the video we just posted.

You mean to say we doctored every frame of this video? Oh right, you're going to, "Stop us once and for all?" Who do you think you are, flippin' Batman?Honey, please. The jokes on you, old man.

As they say, one cheeky monkey ain't gonna stop no show. Bill, you have heckled us, tried to shame us, you've tried to ruin our parade. Hopefully your cataract surgery has opened your eyes to the truth. WE'RE STILL HERE! The first Sunday of every month. EVERY month! The Mayan Calendar can't put a stop to this show! If 2012's the end of the world, we'll be seeing you in a parallel universe, that looks a heck of a lot like this one. Can't get rid of us. We're like. . . comedy cockroaches! Ew. . . anyway.

We'll see you on August 3rd, in the arena of AS220, where we will bathe you in the fires of St. Hilarious. Why don't your flip through your little bible, look her up. she's in there. You know, the part where Jesus trips that guy in the market place, falafel, flat bread, sticky dates and olives everywhere. Ancient comedy GOLD.

See you in 24 days.