June 2012 Dads and Grads post [WIP]

June of 2012: Grads and Dads!

In celebration of father's day and graduation, the Empire Revue returns with a show featuring the Sparkling Beatnik's fathers and special guests Matt D, Sokeo Rose, Nicole Cooney, Jennifer Zigrino, BettySioux Tailor, and Nikki Lee and the Smokin' Dubes!

Starting off the show, Keith reveals to the audience that Beatnik dads have built them a podium for a special sketch at the end of the show... or they were supposed to, anyway. Everyone is left wondering: can the Beatnik dads build a podium by the end of the show?

Standup with Matt D
Starting off the show, down-on-his-luck Matt D comes on with brilliant standup about his year so far.

Cooking with my Two Dads
Dads Roger and Bruce come to the stage with a little bit of cooking advice for when you're left at home with the kids. These two certainly have an interesting definition of nutrition!

The Podium Project
Jimmy Devine and Doug Fulford return to the stage to begin work on the podium.
Standup with Brian Bowler
Beatnik dad Brian Bowler has written some clever standup for the audience, but he doesn't want to perform it. Looks like a job for his favorite Beatnik of all.

Super Chief Trio: Barbershop
The Empire Band is back, this time with a brand new song to play... assuming they can find a replacement drummer.

Summer Camp with the Sparkling Beatniks
With the school year over, The Sparkling Beatniks are more than ready to talk about Summer Camp.

Nikki Lee and the Smokin' Dubes: The Dancing Graduate
First-Time-Revuers Nikki Lee and the Smokin' Dubes commit themselves to the theme with a dance to celebrate graduation.

The Podium Project pt. 2
It's getting close to the end of the show, and it's time to see whether or not Jimmy and Doug finished that podium.

The Sparkling Beatniks: Judge Judy's Graduation Speech
Melissa Bowler as Judge Judy takes the floor as she sends a class of newly graduated high-schoolers into the cold, harsh world and ushers in the end of the show.

Dads, Grads, and Wives: Closing
The Empire Revue family gets together on stage one last time to close this June's show.

Loved these clips of show? Watch it all on youtube on our channel, The Empire Revue, or come see us live every first Sunday of the month at 8pm at AS220, 115 Empire St.


Promo Photos

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