Big in Japan

You're thinking WHERE DID THEY GO!
Well, we have shit to do.
No we don't.

We're just lazy. . .

If you missed our show, which was FULL of obscenities, worry not-- you can check out the best moments on you tube, when we get our hot little hands on those videos. Also, we said our goodbyes to a core member of the Sparkling Beatniks, Eric Fulford-- he's off to conquer Japan in a few weeks. We hope Eric goes Big In Japan, and cranks up a satellite Empire Revue there. But of course, the name will have to change. Got any ideas?

What about:

"Very, very good times, loud nasty, nasty, cheese puffs!"

I'm pretty sure that's the literal translation of Empire and Revue-- with a few liberties thrown in.

This is what The Empire Revue might be like in Japan. Or, on some distant planet:

Or, maybe this is more like it:

Signing off. . .
More drivel next time. . .


Blog Czar and Sparkling Beatnik


Hannah Devine said...

those videos made my day! well... they made me feel a little weird at least..

The Empire Revue said...

Come home, please.