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You already know this, because you were there, but we had a GREAT SHOW on Sunday! It was like a Springsteen concert: long, multiple encores, lots of sweating, and some sentimental favorites. Actually, The Sentimental Favorites were there. Bettie Sioux Tailor wowed us again with her brand of burlesque, Denise Moffatt brought her old school chops to the table as well. Stevie Lightin' did his thang, we swooned to the stylings of Bertrand Laurence, Jan Schmidt and Phil Goldman pulled out all the stops. Omar Reyes and Meg Powers joined the Sparkling Beatniks as our special guests-- it was a GREAT night. When's the next Empire Revue?? Glad you asked! Come 'round again on OCTOBER 5th 8pm, just 8 bucks! We can't wait to see, SOME of you. . .

Yes, Bill Wood-- we're not looking forward to seeing him. Here's why:

I caught you in the act!!

You thought you could get away with teaching innocent children to draw pictures of the devil himself didn't you?

But I know what you are up to. Those "audience" members in your show last night saw the photos I showed them and now they know. Your finished. You'll never work in this town again. The schools and libraries have been contacted and you are toast! My work is done. Although I will never rest easy as long as you have those disgusting displays of pagan worship you try to pass off as entertainment at the ASS20. Your show last night was no different. Women taking off their clothes, foreigners singing silly songs, puppet shows that no one understands especially your drunken audience, Egyptian mummies screaming, mermaids and lesbonians! Shame on you. After my cataract surgery heals completely I will be back in October to make your spread of the fecal stop for good!

Bill Wood, Your neighbor

Oh Bill . . see ya soon, ya bastard.

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