Halloween Screams Early for the Empire Revue

What do you do when your show is THREE WEEKS before the spookiest night of the year? You celebrate OKTOBER FEST! That's right, dust off the old lederhosen-- we're going to Bavaria! Hold on to your knickers, guard your Hosentürl and get ready for the OKTOBER 5th Show! We know you'll want to get ready for a fine evening of beer consumption by learning a few useful phrases:

* Ich will dich. - I want you.
* Zieh das aus! - Take this off!
* Bitte hör auf! - Please stop!
* Sachte! - Easy tiger!
* Das war seltsam. - That was weird.

(phrases and image courtesy of Jon De Keyser)

That ought to get you through the night. Oooohh, that's a rather hot look, actually.

Anyway. . .

Expect the usual fantastic guest acts, another puppet show, a visit from our favorite restaurateur, a few scantily-clad and brilliant ladies and one mummy. . . we mean, Bill Wood. Halloween Screams Early for the Empire Revue! See you there!

The Sparkling Beatniks

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Anonymous said...

wazzup my nutellas!

Great show!