Rebel Lovers? Who Knew?

Well, Obama is the Democratic Nominee, though Clinton has yet to concede. It's going to be a long, hot, sticky road to the White House, so we might as well have a few laughs along the way. To honor of the tug of war to come, the Sparkling Beatniks offer a new segment to The Empire Revue for your amusement, and perhaps, your amazement.

The Empire Revue presents
On the first Sunday of every month at AS220, we will highlight events in the history of this fine nation, no matter how obscure, no matter absurd the moment may be. And, we're doing it with puppets. If you missed the June 1st installment of Today in Presidential History, here's a little recap.

On June 1st:
  • The Brits sank the US Frigate Chesapeake.
  • Kentucky and Tennessee joined the Union.
  • Owen Goulis turned 6, and became President, in the future.
  • Marilyn Monroe was born.
Probably the most wonderfully obscure event in Presidential history on this date was the death of James Buchanan, president #15. Actually, the life of Buchanan was a lot more interesting. Buchanan was and still is the only US president to never marry, AND he lived with Alabama Senator William Rufus King for 15 years prior to his presidency, possibly making him the first openly, closeted gay president of the United States. That's right. You heard me.

What's so funny about that? What's the evidence, you might ask. Well, apparently, bloodthirsty Andrew Jackson referred to King, Buchanan's domestic partner as, "Miss Nancy" and "Miss Fancy."

That's ridiculous enough for us. . .

Check out the show on July 6th. Guess who turns a year older. George Walker Bush. This is gonna be fun.

See you at the show,
Sparkling Beatnik.

PS-- JULY'S EMPIRE REVUE will be @ Perishable Theatre, right next door to AS220. BE THERE!

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etherealwear said...

The puppet show was HILARIOUS. Glad you're doing that!