The Empire Revue turns TWO!

The Empire Revue celebrates its Second Anniversary in July! Hard to believe, but true. With new acts and an ever-expanding audience, we're showing no signs of slowing down in the season ahead. As Hannah Devine springboards over to the Emerald Isle, and Eric Fulford sets his sights on spending a year teaching in Japan, we welcome veteran actress/director/writer Kate Lohman to the Beatnik fold. Kate's many years in the Rhode Island theatre scene and her smart-n- twisted sense of humor make her a shoe-in with fellow cast members and audiences alike.

Bettysioux Tailor, also a featured performer in our show, continues to expand her presence in the cabaret. Miss Bettysioux is a BIG HIT with our audiences, with her sensational burlesque dances and stellar costumes, but she's also a terrific actress. Bettysioux joined us as a Guest Beatnik for the June show, adding acting and singing to her plate. Not to mention an inspired run-in with our heckler Bill Wood who turned out to be. . . HER FATHER! You'll just have to wait until the video of this historic confluence is posted. Let us just say, "You had to be there". Bettysioux will be back to perform her own brand of burlesque, in July!

Also in July we welcome Omar Reyes as our Guest Beatnik. Omar is originally From New York City and moved to North Providence during his freshman year of high school. At the end of his senior year in college he discovered the Providence Poetry Slam @ AS220 and is now the Poetry Slam Director in training. Congratulations, and welcome to the show, Omar!

And, our long anticipated website, empirerevue.com will be up and running SOON (we promise) with able assistance from Tree Kangaroo Creative's Serena Andrews. (Perhaps we'll get Serena to bring back her born-in-Bangor, alter ego character Bertha to grace our stage!)

Lots and lots brewing, people, so stay tuned!

Keith Munslow
Your Host and fellow Beatnik

The Empire Revue Turns TWO!
July 6 @ 8pm
Perishable Theatre (in JULY only!!)


BillWood said...

Aha! I see you no good heathen miscreants are further polluting the internets with your ridiculous and purile garbage. So you are two years old? Who cares how old you are. If you ask me, I'd say there are more two year olds out there who have more sense than your entire band of thieves down there at the ASS20. You can run but you can't hide. I will find you and stamp you out like the filthy cockroaches you are.

The Empire Revue said...

Oh Mr. Wood, you cheeky thing. We know you're not as pure and untouched as you pretend to be. Need we remind you of your little bump-n-grind number from the last show? Soon we'll post your shenanigans for the whole WORLD to see. Gold lame' pasties and matching hot pants. REALLY. You dirty thing you.