Dressed up as a gigantic Anne Geddes model?

I am currently a long-term substitute teacher, and my students recently discovered the ol’ Empire Revue. At first, I was terrified- what would they think? Would they lose their respect for me after seeing me dressed up as a gigantic Anne Geddes model? Would the proliferation of bouncing pasties offend their delicate adolescent sensibilities? Would I walk into school one morning and be greeted with a hearty “I shoulda thrown you in the dumpster the day you were born, you fuckin’ retahd!” As it turned out, my fears were unfounded. The kids love the Revue, and I realized that I underestimated their maturity. If anything, they respect me MORE having seen the Revue- even kids I’ve never had before are finding the youtube videos. And they are certainly mature enough to handle the “adult themes” present in our show. Yes, it looks as though I worried for nothing. It’s not like my students would ever take advantage of my participation in something like the Revue. They certainly wouldn’t try to use it as a tool to potentially boost their own grades, would they?

Written on the back of a final exam:


The Professor

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Hannah Devine said...

and did you boost their grade a little? huh? did ya?