The July 6th Show Fast Approaches

Hello, friends of the Empire,

As the July 6th show fast approaches, we want to keep you tuned into the happenings for the Revue! Yes, yes, is just TWO DAYS after the Fourth. But, with this oil crisis, are you REALLY going out of town?? Why not celebrate the Fourth of July, on the 6th, with us??! We're also exploring our raison d'etre by tipping our hats to our French friends-- we're celebrating Bastille Day as well. Did we mention we're turning DEUX? We have a jam-packed fun show for you!

The upcoming Empire Revue show on July 6 welcomes guest Beatnik Omar Reyes, AS220’s new poetry coordinator, and features local musician Jake Haller, mentalist, Rory Raven, songwriter John Campbell, burlesque artist and former guest Beatnik Bettysioux Tailor, not to mention internationally known side show artist The Human Floor, who will soon perform on Comedy Central’s revival of the 70s cult program, The Gong Show!

For the next few blogs we'll be spotlighting a few of our guests for the July 6th Show. First up is the astounding Rory Raven, brilliant mentalist, author, and the creator of THE BEST PROVIDENCE GHOST TOUR IN TOWN. Seriously, we love this guy. Check out one of his previous performances at the Revue:

Did you watch the clip? Don't lie, we'll know. Amazing right??

Whether you're a skeptic or a believer in magick-- (yeah, we spell it with a k) you're going to love Rory's rapport with the audience, his dry sense of humor, and his spot-on totally mental antics. Now, if you haven't seen Rory Raven do his thing, don't expect to have a paranormal experience-- it's not that kind of magick show, he's not trying to be Uri Geller. Rory's talents are steeped in the old school arts-- slight of hand, great conversation, and psychological notation, which gets you everytime. This guy can tell what you had for lunch two weeks ago by the number of times you BLINK. Don't take my word for it-- come to the show.

Expect to see some of The Empire Revue’s reoccurring segments including the chronicles of Meruncle, Clumpy the Propaganda Squirrel, Today in Presidential History, and of course stinging-hot swinging interludes by The Superchief Trio featuring Tom Ferraro. Keith, our intrepid leader says with such an eclectic line-up of guests and great original sketches by us, the Sparkling Beatniks, The Empire Revue aims to present a little something for everyone. “I’m not being flip when I say this; my biggest goal is to bring diverse audiences to the show, from skate punks to grandmas.”

We believe ya, man.

See you at the show. . .

1 comment:

Rory Raven said...

I'm always happy to be part of the Revue (and it's a Revue, please don't call it a Review -- a pet peeve of mine).

Keith Munslow and his cohorts (The Sparkling Beatniks, and the rest of the Superchief Trio) are some of the nicest and most talented people you could ever hope to meet, and every month they cook up a fresh show Just For You.

At a low $8, it's a great night out.

See you on the 6th -- I know you're coming!

With all good thoughts,